Inspired By: Artist, Lynne Golob Gelfman

 One of the most constant sources of inspiration for me when developing MAVE was art. In this 'Inspired By' series, we will be sharing people, places, and things that inspire us here at MAVE. It was Constantin Brancusi's Bird in Space that inspired the design of MAVE's first product: The Razor. The streamlined, sculptural design of the razor mimics that of the slender sculptures. Not only is the sleek design beautiful, but it also lends itself ideally to the function of a razor handle.
One artist that continues to motivate me is Lynne Golob Gelfman. She is most notable for her un-conventional technique of beginning her pieces on the backs of the canvas. This allows the paint to seep through the back to the front, creating unique grid compositions. Her process and subsequent paintings are mysterious with an almost ethereal feel - but it is her out-of-the-box technique that truly inspires us. Lynne’s ability to find beauty from a different perspective is what continues to drive me. Instead of looking at her canvas as something ordinary, she took a real look at what the canvas could be.


(images from 'thru' by  Lynne Golob Gelfman)

It is artists like Lynne that inspired me to find the beauty in the ordinary things in my life. MAVE was born out of this exact concept and designed to bring the beauty of our an otherwise mundane, daily routine. Instead of looking at your daily shave as just a part of your day, really focus on what this ritual could bring. 
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