INSPIRED BY: Jennie C. Jones


Jennie C. Jones is a Black artist currently working in New York. The Midwest native has made waves through her ability to combine painting and sound. Her work as a visual and sonic artist draws from minimalism, abstraction, and Black history in an effort to engage her audience.

These connections between art and sound are made with multiple mediums, from paintings to sculptures and paper to audio collages. Jones’ conceptual works reflect on the impact of both modernism and minimalism. Her use of unconventional materials and simplified compositions work to bring sound to the forefront.

We look to Jones’ works for inspiration in unlikely combinations. Her ability to combine unexpected elements and strive to find the perfect balance is one reason why Jones continues to motivate us. The nuisances of her work inspire us to pay attention to every detail - as none is too small!

Valerie Cassel Oliver noted in “Outside The Lines,” that “Jones’s work challenges us to understand the frameworks of modernism, which embraced black musical forms but excluded black visual art from its canon.”


With love,

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