Inspired By: Sculptor, Nicole Cherubini


For our next ‘Inspired By’ series, we highlight the work of notable artist and sculptor, Nicole Cherubini. Nicole’s work references traditional ceramics and sculptures, but it is her unique use of objects and unexpected bases that modernizes her pieces. Her ingenuity in combining old and new makes for a collection of distinctive abstract pieces.

Nicole is known for blending the line between craft, decor, and art. Her work uses techniques of ornamentation, assemblage, and coiling to meld the visual aesthetic of modern sculpture while keeping the historical use of the materials intact. The layers of texture, color, and forms come together to make one singular art form - which allows viewers to reconsider the traditional use of ceramic sculpture. It is Nicole's innovative process that forces her audience to view her work from a different perceptive. 

Not only does Nicole push us to rethink sculpture, but her incorporation of unexpected objects inspires us to rethink beauty in our everyday lives. It's artist like Nicole that continue to inspire us to look at life a little differently.



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