RITUAL 1: The Ritual of MAVE

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We are starting this journal to talk about what we love most: rituals. MAVE New York was founded with ritual in mind and we wanted to create a space where we can share, learn, and indulge in life's daily routines. To kick off our blog series, I wanted to share a little bit about the inspiration behind MAVE and how it all came to be.

I typically shave every day - since I started shaving as a teenager. I admit that many things in my life sometimes feel like a chore, but I wanted to change that outlook and creating rituals around my daily routines made them more enjoyable and beautiful. MAVE New York was created for that exact purpose - to add beauty into a routine that typically felt like a “have to,” making into a ritual we look forward to, celebrated and even enjoyed. I found most shave creams and razor handles where unattractive, so by adding in beauty and soothing ingredients, shaving suddenly became joyful.

So, what is ritual? At MAVE, we consider it to be doing an action in a prescribed order, while being present. Presence is the key - when you’re present and find joy in your morning ritual, preparation for the day ultimately begins to feel great.

Feeling good is the other key part of ritual - I want to be clear that I shave everyday, and follow my rituals, because they make me feel better. Life is crazy and can be messy if I don’t try to stick to a schedule and routine, but I am also kind to myself if I fall off track. I give myself the grace to get back on track and find my way back into my rituals.

While I live for routine, these rituals are about taking the time to enjoy it. The first products in the MAVE Shave were created with this in mind.



Rituals are much like routines and we can’t all do them everyday. However, instead of looking at our daily tasks as chores - changing our mindset can help us slow down and enjoy the little things in life. I hope you’ll join me as I share the rituals that help bring joy and beauty to my life - and I’d love to hear about your rituals, too!

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