RITUAL 2: MAVE Turns 3!

We're Celebrating!

It is incredibly exciting to reach another milestone and MAVE New York just turned 3!

MAVE was created to provide women with beautiful objects that help with quotidian life. I personally like to have elegant items on my dresser, nightstand and bathroom etagere, but our shower shelves needed some love and attention.

When MAVE was just an idea, I started doing my research and I was soon filling up one MUJI notebook after another. First, I was trying to see if there were any luxury shaving brands designed for women, and I quickly found there weren’t. That led to doubt and concern that perhaps women neither needed nor wanted such a product, but after talking to real women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds, I felt that was just not the case. I believed that shaving as a luxury – or even a club - was intrinsically associated with men and no one dared to open it up to women. It was time for that to change!

I continued to develop the Moisturizing Shave Cream, Full-Body Exfoliant and Post-Shave Body Oil with ingredients I know are beneficial, and essential oils that are aromatic and healing. And of course, I designed the Razor and the Shave Brush to sit in one’s shower as objet d’art - mini sculptures for your shower and for you to enjoy.

Three years in, I am so thankful for our loyal customers who have shown me that women do indeed want a luxe leg, and a beautiful shaving ritual. MAVE New York thanks each and every one of you for joining us on this journey!

With love,




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