RITUAL 4: Living Consciously

Occasionally I get a little bit of a lost feeling, or feel out of focus. Most people feel a sense of ‘unconscious living’ at some point - whether that’s finding ourselves in a job that isn’t fulfilling, filling our days with busy work instead of working towards a goal, wishing we could spend more time with loved ones, or simply feeling stuck in a rut. It’s these moments that make me reset and focus on living consciously.

Living consciously can mean a variety of things to different people, but what is truly boils down to is making conscious choices rather than doing things without thinking. That can be anything and everything from making better eco-friendly choices adding ritual into parts of your life you don’t love. It sounds simple, but changing habits can be really challenging. Here’s an example of how I recently added more consciousness into my day:

I took a deep look at my daily routine. What are some aspects of your everyday living that you aren’t actively making a decision about? One thing I did recently was take a look at my teeth brushing routine. Did you know that many toothpaste contain harmful chemicals? I recently met the beautiful and brilliant founder of Terra & Co.’s Sustainable Oral Care, and decided I wanted to be more conscious about this ritual. Terra & Co. developed their own natural, non-toxic and cruelty-free oral care line. Now I enjoy this part of my day and have a consciousness about it.

It is exactly this reason that MAVE was developed. I took a look at my daily routine of shaving and wanted to make a change, but there wasn’t much in the market. From there, we developed all-natural, recyclable products that I feel proud using. Another brand we admire for doing the same is Nutu Moringa. They harness the power of the Moringa tree, the world’s most nutrient-rich source of plant protein, to create a line of responsible beauty and nutrition products. They were founded on the belief that the health of the one depends on the health of the many, and that the health of the many in turn depends on the health of the one. What could be more ‘conscious living’ than that?

One of the best ways toward living consciously is to continue to educate ourselves. One place we turn towards for constant inspiration on living more consciously is Orez Lifestyle. Orez is dedicated to inspiring everyone to go back to basics, where everything is being reused and nothing is being disposed. They also created a line of lifestyle products that can replace those wasteful elements we use on a day-to-day basis - from dish cleaner to recyclable lunch box sets - showing us their are always alternatives!
MAVE has partnered with these brands to give one lucky winner the chance to win the ultimate conscious living package. You can learn about the prizing included and how to win here

At the end of the day, living consciously is all about bringing awareness to every aspect of your life. So our best advice is to constantly reflect and review. Think of your goals, relationships, your impact on the world, your time, etc. and if you aren’t in control – just work toward refocusing!





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