RITUAL 6: New Years Anti-Resolutions

This time of year is all about New Year Resolutions. We are all about looking introspectively at our lives - it allows us find ways to improve. It can be hard to not get down on yourself though when all you focus on what you should be doing. So, this year, we are creating an anti-resolution list to start 2020 off on the right foot.

What is an anti-resolution? Much like resolutions, the list is meant to help you take stock of the things you’d like to change. However, the focus is on what you won’t do this year. For example, instead of an “eating healthy” resolution, you might choose to not snack after 8:00pm. I find that targeting a specific behavior can help me make larger life changes, without getting overwhelmed. So instead of focusing on larger lifestyle changes, I am focusing on a few small habits that I would like to kick. I’ve shared some of my top ones below:

A larger goal I have is to be more productive with my time so one of my New Year’s anti-resolutions is to stop saying “yes” to everything. Like most others, I have a hard time saying no which leads to overcommitting and less time for my real priorities. 2020 is the year of not being afraid to say ‘no!’
Most people look to the New Year to get healthy, which isn’t bad thing! What can be bad is how we look at health. I tend to look at fad diets or detoxes, but know that isn’t the way to living a healthier lifestyle. So this year, I am staying away from diets and focusing on those smaller habits.
We can all get down on ourselves when we spend to much time playing the comparison game on social media. One of my goal’s is to develop a healthier work-life balance online and one way I can tackle that is by putting my phone down every Sunday to spend time with my family or use the Screen Time app to help me keep my daily usage down.
There’s always those projects that just never seem to have an end in sight - until 2020! I’m making these a priority this year and setting task deadlines to help get those bigger projects accomplished.

What are some of your anti-resolutions for 2020?

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