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INSPIRED BY: Edith Halpert

  Behind every great artist, is someone who supported them. Art dealers, collectors, and galleries help bring esteem and admiration to an artist or an art movement. One of the country’s most notable supporters of the arts gave rise to this very idea in the 1920s.Edith Halpert, businesswomen turned art dealer, is most known for championing American art in the early 20th century and trailblazing the rise of the modern art gallery. While European impressionism was all the rage, Edith was able to bring recognition to many avant-garde American artists.Before her rise in the art industry, Edith first made a name for herself as a leading female executive. Between 1920-1925, Edith worked in a number of roles at the investment...

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Inspired By: Painter, Alma Thomas

          For our next ‘Inspired By’ artist, we are going back in time. Alma Thomas, born in 1891, is most notable for her colorful, abstract works and her role for women, African Americans, and older artists. She continues to inspire artists of all ages even after her death over 20 years ago. Thomas first studied abstract art during her time at Howard University, but it wouldn’t be until she retired from teaching in her 70s when her career as a professional artist would be recognized. Her determination, specifically in her later years, is one of the many reasons she has been a constant to artists.Alma’s work is colorful, large, and dense. From her work in Color...

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Inspired By: Sculptor, Nicole Cherubini

  For our next ‘Inspired By’ series, we highlight the work of notable artist and sculptor, Nicole Cherubini. Nicole’s work references traditional ceramics and sculptures, but it is her unique use of objects and unexpected bases that modernizes her pieces. Her ingenuity in combining old and new makes for a collection of distinctive abstract pieces. Nicole is known for blending the line between craft, decor, and art. Her work uses techniques of ornamentation, assemblage, and coiling to meld the visual aesthetic of modern sculpture while keeping the historical use of the materials intact. The layers of texture, color, and forms come together to make one singular art form - which allows viewers to reconsider the traditional use of ceramic sculpture....

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