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RITUAL 9: Shaving Down There 101

1. Use warm or hot water and soap to clean the skin. Personally, I'm a big fan of Dr. Bonner's Soap Collection. This organic soap uses natural ingredients to gently cleanse - which makes it an ideal soap for those sensitive areas. Cleansing your skin thoroughly will help your hair soften and allow for a smoother shave. It will also help you avoid nicks!2. Exfoliating your skin will also help for a closer shave. Use a gentle exfoliant, like our Full-Body Exfoliant, to remove dead skin cells and help lift hair follicles.Make sure to use a fresh blade for optimal results! Learn about our Replenishment Program to avoid ever running out of stock.3. Once you have lathered on your shaving cream,...

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RITUAL 8: Creating New Routines Amid CVOID-19

Self-care rituals are so important these days, but the biggest thing to remember is that it isn’t always easy to find time to do so - and THAT is okay! Now more than ever it is important to be kind to ourselves and remember we are all juggling new routines, roles, and challenges. There are a few little acts that I have found to be manageable and bring me extra comfort during these uncertain times. I have been finding solace in journaling. Sitting aside 3 minutes in the morning to let my thoughts out has allowed me to start my days off with a more clear mind. I try to always end each session with a note of gratitude -...

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