The Beauty of Ritual — from founder RSS

INSPIRED BY: Artist, Jaye Moon

We’re committed to sharing stories of those who continue to inspire us - because we could all use some extra light in our lives. Our next artist, Jaye Moon, is known for using her artwork as a universal, communication tool.Moon’s most recent work, The Wizard of Oz, is one of those pieces that just sticks with you. It was just installed at Nam Jun Paik Art Center in Korea for a show called “The Future of Silence: when your tongue vanishes.” The exhibit examines language and it’s cultural representation - so it only makes sense that Moon’s work is included. The New York based Korean artist was inspired by Nam June Paik’s himself after seeing his monumental piece, “Electronic- Superhighway...

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RITUAL 6: New Years Anti-Resolutions

This time of year is all about New Year Resolutions. We are all about looking introspectively at our lives - it allows us find ways to improve. It can be hard to not get down on yourself though when all you focus on what you should be doing. So, this year, we are creating an anti-resolution list to start 2020 off on the right foot. What is an anti-resolution? Much like resolutions, the list is meant to help you take stock of the things you’d like to change. However, the focus is on what you won’t do this year. For example, instead of an “eating healthy” resolution, you might choose to not snack after 8:00pm. I find that targeting a...

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Inspired By: Sculptor, Nicole Cherubini

  For our next ‘Inspired By’ series, we highlight the work of notable artist and sculptor, Nicole Cherubini. Nicole’s work references traditional ceramics and sculptures, but it is her unique use of objects and unexpected bases that modernizes her pieces. Her ingenuity in combining old and new makes for a collection of distinctive abstract pieces. Nicole is known for blending the line between craft, decor, and art. Her work uses techniques of ornamentation, assemblage, and coiling to meld the visual aesthetic of modern sculpture while keeping the historical use of the materials intact. The layers of texture, color, and forms come together to make one singular art form - which allows viewers to reconsider the traditional use of ceramic sculpture....

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