MAVE Shave System
Mave Starter Kit

MAVE Shave System

$ 225.00

A first of its kind collection that transforms the everyday practice of shaving.

The MAVE Shave includes:

  • Full Body Exfoliant
  • Moisturizing Shave Cream
  • Post-Shave Body Oil
  • The Razor
  • The Shave Brush
  • One Gillette® Venus® Blade


PRIME Prepare your skin with our gentle sea salt and loofah Exfoliant.

BRUSH Apply a single dollop of our Fleur Cardamom Shave Cream to the Brush. Swirl the brush across your body in deft upwards strokes to create a rich lather of Magnolia and Jojoba.

LINE Stroke the Razor along the contours of your skin to leave it clean, smooth and supple.

FINISH Nourish your skin with a few drops of our vitamin-rich body oil, which is absorbed quickly and leaves your skin hydrated.