RITUAL 12: Upgrade Your Self-Care Rituals


With all that has been going on in the world this last year, we have never found more solace in my self-care routines. It's so important to find the time to unwind, relax, and appreciate the little things so that we can remain focused and positive. Here at MAVE, we believe in indulging in our me-time - which is why we've added a few new items to our daily rituals.

One obsession as of late is the sea sponge. Not only do these help make your skincare products last longer, but it also provides an incredibly soft exfoliation on sensitive skin. Plus, they are bio-degradable making them a non-toxic solution. Zitomer’s is an upscale pharmacy in the Upper East Side that carries a variety of sea sponge sizes.

Adding a bunch of eucalyptus to any bath time experience immediately gives you that spa feeling. Eucalyptus also has decongesting benefits - an added bonus during cold and flu season. We are also big fans of this Eucalyptus Boxed Set from C.O. Bigelow for an added bonus.

Facial massaging is nothing new - but this ancient Chinese technique has become more and more prevalent, and we can see why. Using tools like a facial roller or gua sha tool helps to increase circulation which can help with pigmentation, puffiness, and cell renewal. We love the natural glow our skin is left with - and recommend this facial roller from Alder’s New York, a queer and woman-owned independent skincare brand business based in NYC.

While we might be biased, one of our favorite self-care items is The Shave Brush. It provides such a lovely, gentle exfoliation while making it easier to create a rich lather of shaving cream. You can shop MAVE's Shave Brush here.

It’s no secret we love our tea-time here at MAVE, our signature scent was inspired by black tea after all. We’ve turned to tea artisans like The Qi to elevate our tea-time with their beautiful, hand-crafted floral teas. Try out different tea recipes with friends over zoom as a way to stay connected.







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