RITUAL 8: Creating New Routines Amid CVOID-19

Self-care rituals are so important these days, but the biggest thing to remember is that it isn’t always easy to find time to do so - and THAT is okay! Now more than ever it is important to be kind to ourselves and remember we are all juggling new routines, roles, and challenges. There are a few little acts that I have found to be manageable and bring me extra comfort during these uncertain times.
I have been finding solace in journaling. Sitting aside 3 minutes in the morning to let my thoughts out has allowed me to start my days off with a more clear mind. I try to always end each session with a note of gratitude - which has helped me keep a more positive mindset throughout the day.
Getting my body moving has been helpful as well. I usually hate aerobic exercise, but there is something about staying indoors all day that has got me into jogging! I go 10 minutes out and 10 minutes back (very slowly - no one wants to get any injuries these days!) but trying something new feels good. Plus, fresh air does the body good. There are also so many incredible resources out there right now to help you stay active at home. I am so grateful to these fitness and wellness communities for sharing their knowledge with us. Lately I’ve been loving Shala Yoga. It is old school and I find it less intimidating than other practices I have tried. They have online classes and you can choose to do a live zoom which I often rewarding and a great way to connect with others - but they also offer on demand classes so  you can rent a class whenever you have a free hour
I’ve found that dinnertime has kept me most sane. A healthy, simple meal each night at the end of the day (always with a glass of wine) helps me to unwind and relax. It’s also a great time to bring the family together. Even though we are all at home, we are often doing different things throughout the day. There is something very normalizing about coming together for a meal with your loved ones.
Even during a crisis, routines help me to remain balanced. What are some rituals you have found to bring you peace?
With love,


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