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INSPIRED BY: Simone Leigh, Sculptor

Our next ‘Inspired By’ artist is a celebrated contemporary sculptor: Simone Leigh. Her artworks frequently incorporate materials traditionally associated with African art and history while also blending in her own personal experiences. The Chicago-born artist focus on race, history and gender, but above all on the black female experience. After her time as an intern at the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art in Washington, D.C., Leigh developed an interest in the categorization and display of African diaspora. From there, she took her career to New York where she remains today. Leigh also founded an organization called Black Women Artists for Black Lives Matter, a collective formed after the murder of Philando Castille and in protest against racial injustice. her...

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INSPIRED BY: Black Artists

  The last couple weeks have brought about a lot of emotions. Anger, sadness, shame, helplessness - just to name a few. But, as we process the tragic death of George Floyd, I am choosing one emotion to guide me: inspiration.  I’m inspired by our friends of color and their strength.By those protesting, voting, and making their voices heardBy those across the globe showing their supportBy those donating to organizations for justice By those businesses dedicated to inclusivity By those educating themselvesBy those supporting black-owned brandsIt only seems right for this issue of ‘INSPIRED BY’ to focus on those in the Black community. Black artists have been making waves in the art world for centuries, but today we want to...

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