Ritual 11: Top Tips for Dry Skin


1. Start With the Air
Add moisture to the air to keep your skin moist in and out of your soak. Add a humidifier to your ‘me-time’ space. 

2. Use Warm Water
Hot, long showers or baths can actually strip your skin of its natural oils. When your skin is extra dry, try limiting your bath or shower time to 5-10 minutes - and use warm water.

3. Don’t Skip the Buff
A gentle, light exfoliation will help buff the skin so “serums and moisturizers can penetrate and really get to work.” MAVE’s Full-Body Exfoliant was designed to be effective, yet gentle enough for everyday use on the most sensitive skin.

4. Ditch the Towel-Dry
Moisturize immediately after washing. Try using a body oil to help lock in the extra moisture from your shower. Our Post-Shave Body Oil was made for just that - a deeply moisturizing formula that works to nourish dry or irritated skin.


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