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Ritual 11: Top Tips for Dry Skin

  1. Start With the AirAdd moisture to the air to keep your skin moist in and out of your soak. Add a humidifier to your ‘me-time’ space. 2. Use Warm WaterHot, long showers or baths can actually strip your skin of its natural oils. When your skin is extra dry, try limiting your bath or shower time to 5-10 minutes - and use warm water.3. Don’t Skip the BuffA gentle, light exfoliation will help buff the skin so “serums and moisturizers can penetrate and really get to work.” MAVE’s Full-Body Exfoliant was designed to be effective, yet gentle enough for everyday use on the most sensitive skin.4. Ditch the Towel-DryMoisturize immediately after washing. Try using a body oil to help...

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RITUAL 5: Self-Love in Hibernation

  Winter is always a challenging time for me, as I know it is for many. The shorter days and gloomy weather can often distract me from my routines, and make me want to put things off that I would normally do. I’m always a big advocate for self-love, but I find it extra vital to my happiness during these colder months. Here are a few ways I help practice self-love in the winter: 1. STAY ACTIVE Exercise not only helps me de-stress, but it also pulls me out of the house. I tend to gravitate towards yoga in the winter months to stretch out any tight muscles and keep me feeling balanced. I also try and walk more in the...

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