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Ritual 11: Top Tips for Dry Skin

  1. Start With the AirAdd moisture to the air to keep your skin moist in and out of your soak. Add a humidifier to your ‘me-time’ space. 2. Use Warm WaterHot, long showers or baths can actually strip your skin of its natural oils. When your skin is extra dry, try limiting your bath or shower time to 5-10 minutes - and use warm water.3. Don’t Skip the BuffA gentle, light exfoliation will help buff the skin so “serums and moisturizers can penetrate and really get to work.” MAVE’s Full-Body Exfoliant was designed to be effective, yet gentle enough for everyday use on the most sensitive skin.4. Ditch the Towel-DryMoisturize immediately after washing. Try using a body oil to help...

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RITUAL 7: 5 Habits for Healthy Skin

This time of year, my skin tends to mimic the ups and downs of the changing weather. But, I am taking this social distancing as a chance to revitalize my skincare routine! Here are a few daily habits that have helped keep my skin smooth and glowing:   1. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER Water plays an essential role in maintaining a healthy body, and that goes for healthy skin too! Drinking plenty of water will help rid your body of any bad toxins which can improve the complexion of your skin. We also tend to retain water when we aren’t getting enough of it, so staying hydrated will help to reduce puffiness. 2. DON'T SKIP THE SPF When the sun isn’t...

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RITUAL 5: Self-Love in Hibernation

  Winter is always a challenging time for me, as I know it is for many. The shorter days and gloomy weather can often distract me from my routines, and make me want to put things off that I would normally do. I’m always a big advocate for self-love, but I find it extra vital to my happiness during these colder months. Here are a few ways I help practice self-love in the winter: 1. STAY ACTIVE Exercise not only helps me de-stress, but it also pulls me out of the house. I tend to gravitate towards yoga in the winter months to stretch out any tight muscles and keep me feeling balanced. I also try and walk more in the...

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